She Dog II : leave a mark on the world

”leave a mark on the world”


By: Nezih DurmazlarCC BY 2.0

Like all my friends I wanted to be successful. Unlike my friends I didn’t know what that meant. Money? Maybe. Wife? Kids? House? Sure, if I was lucky. These were the goals I was taught to aspire to, and part of me did aspire to them, instinctively. But deep down I was searching for something else, something more. I had an aching sense that our time is short, shorter than we ever know, short as a morning run, and I wanted mine to be meaningful. And purposeful. And creative. And important. Above all . . . . I wanted to leave a mark on the world.

Knight, Phil. Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike (Kindle の位置No.43-47). Scribner. Kindle 版.

else. I wanted to build something that was my own, something I could point to and say: I made that. It was the only way I saw to make life meaningful.

Knight, Phil. Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike (Kindle の位置No.1781-1782). Scribner. Kindle 版.